[cups] Only able to print from CUPS web interface ("filter failed" error otherwise)

Mario Sanchez Prada mario at endlessm.com
Fri Nov 7 05:51:24 PST 2014

Hi again,

On 06/11/14 16:41, Mario Sanchez Prada wrote:
> [...] However, I've grepped again in the journal for 'bin/gs' and
> found this line for each execution:
> [...]
> Besides the fact that there's an additional parameter (--copies 1) when
> printing from the web interface, I can also see the Canon specific
> binary cifmg4100 binary in there, so perhaps the problem is there somehow?
>> As the filter configuration in both cases is the same, the issue must be due
>> to the contents of the input file.
> Yes, or perhaps even in how this mysterious binary treats the data
> passed from gs. Not sure, though

Indeed, it seems that the problem is in the input data passed to 'gs'
since just upgrading ghostscript from 9.07 to 9.10 from ubuntu 14.04
will fix the problem, allowing me to print now the test page from
gnome-control-center, as well as any other document from any desktop app.

However, I can't really pinpoint how upgrading this package can actually
fix the issue (other than guess for bugfixes in the newer version of
ghostscript), which is a shame because I still can't explain why
printing from the web interface would cause a different input data than
doing it from g-c-c, as the pipeline is the same.

Perhaps, it was a permission issue somehow after all, since looking at
the logs I can clearly see how printing from the web interface would
queue a job on behalf of "anonymous", while doing it from g-c-c would do
it on behalf of "mario", but this is a blind guess at this point.

Anyway, I'm kind of happy to have found a "fix" for this problem, and
thought I would share it here too. Perhaps this additional bit of
information can lead to finding what actually happened here :)

Thanks for all your help in any case,

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