[cups] Need Help On PPD File Driver

Helge Blischke helgeblischke at web.de
Sun Nov 9 11:51:01 PST 2014

> Am 09.11.2014 um 19:20 schrieb Benjamin Le <ble at pcc.edu>:
> Hi Helge,
> The model is M602dn. Please send me the PPD file to try. Thanks Helge.
> Ben
> *********************************
> *Ben Le*


attached is the PPD. The keywords that may disturb your 1.1.21 or are Mac OS X specific are 
transformed into comments.

Note that the PPD contains
(1)	 keywords like
	*HPConstraints: „…“
	which are ignored by cups. If you need these constraints obeyed, you’d need to
	vchange „HPConstraints“ to „UIConstraints“.
(2)	the PPD contains localization information. I know that cups 1.1.x does not handle
	PPD localization as implemented in this PPD, but hopefully the system will ignore
	this information. If not, let me know, and I’ll strip off the localization statements for you
	(it is a bit tricky).


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