[cups] Only able to print from CUPS web interface ("filter failed" error otherwise)

Mario Sanchez Prada mario at endlessm.com
Mon Nov 10 06:17:00 PST 2014


On 10/11/14 12:13, Helge Blischke wrote:
> [...]
> Well, knowing this, I think the issue is due to a „misused“ localized printf function (or a variant thereof),
> replacing the decimal point by a decimal comma when formatting floating point numbers.

That's a good hint. Thanks for sharing it.

> I looked into the pdftops filter source from the latest cups-filters distribution and found no 
> floating point number formatting.
> As this filter looks for the existence of the utility program „pdftops“ and, if found, uses this in favor of Ghostscript,
> I suspect the origin of this issue is that utility, presumably from the poppler package.
> To check this, you could set up your wrapper as you described for /usr/bin/pdftops (or /usr/local/bin/pdftops,depending
> on where it resides) and revert your pdftops filter to the original.

I realized of that when reading through pdftops.c, but then checking the
logs I noticed that this line:

nov 05 20:52:08 localmachine cupsd[3146]: [Job 56] Running command line
for gs: gs -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -dSAFER -sDEVICE=ps2write
-sOUTPUTFILE=%stdout -dLanguageLevel=3 -r600 -dCompressFonts=false
-dNoT3CCITT -dNOINTERPOLATE -c 'save pop' -f

...seems to suggest that the 'renderer == GS' is being used, right?

> If that solves the issue as well, you should file a bug for the poppler package.

I've tried, but didn't make a difference either. Guess the bug must be
somewhere else, perhaps it's actually in the version of GS I was using
(9.07), after all.


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