[cups] First job of session held

Andrea Vai andrea.vai at unipv.it
Tue Nov 11 01:18:49 PST 2014

when I print something for the first time in a session
(after turning on the computer), job does not print and appears as
"Held". Then, without user intervention, it "unhelds" and prints after 5'30".

If I print a second document (while the first document is "held" as described above), it prints immediately, but the first one remains in "held" state. It will print after 5'30" from submission.

If I restart cups during the 5'30" period, nothing changes, i.e. document will print after 5'30" from submission.

If, after login and before having printed anything, I restart cups, then the first job I submit prints immediately.

My printer works fine on any other aspect

Can you help me to solve this annoying problem?

Maybe I could send you some logs, but I don't know exactly what are the relevant ones.

Printer is a Samsung ML-2950NDR, system is Ubuntu 12.04 LTS 64-bit, CUPS is ver. 1.5.3

Thank you very much,

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