[cups] Datamax I4208 LPT Printing

Hans-Christian Koch hc.koch at scheerkoch.de
Wed Nov 19 12:40:08 PST 2014

Hi all,


I have an old Datamax I 4208 label printer which is connected via LPT. Under
pure dos it works fine and I can print my files but it won't work under
Ubuntu. Actually I don't even need a real driver, all printer control signs
are included in the files you send to the printer. So I tried adding the
printer in CUPS, it was not detected but I chose LPT and added it as "raw
queue", set as default.  It won't print. I tried cat file.txt | lpr -l but
it just does nothing.

I tried parallel port with ECP, SPP, EPP. However I also tried an USB-LPT
cable. Now the printer is detected by CUPS and I add it as raw queue again,
set as default. I may print one label now but no more until I restart the


Any guesses?




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