[cups] How to build and use my own CUPS filter.

Vincent Farget farget.vincent at orange.fr
Fri Nov 21 03:53:46 PST 2014


I am using CUPS (v1.5.3 on a Debian Wheezy) on a server.
One of my printers is a CANON imageRUNNER 5055N and i want to use the 
"ID user/service/department" access (a code which help me to follow the 
number of copie for a print queue on the CANON).
I use "cque" (v2.0-3) to configure my print queue to use (force) this 
specific "ID user/service/department".
All works well under Linux.

I have to print from Windows 7 which is very difficult to print using 
the CANON "Canon iR5055/iR5065 PS3" printer driver WITH the use of the 
"ID user/service/department".
As I understand, before start the printing job process, the CANON driver 
wants to have confirmation about the "ID user/service/department" from 
the CANON printer, but does not succeed in. So the print process is stop 
and can not be achieved.
When I turn off the use of the "ID user/service/department" in the CANON 
printer windows driver, the print process can be achieved BUT the CANON 
printer does not print anything.
I can see in the list of the print job on the CANON printer, that the 
'job result' is mentioned as NG (instead of OK when the job is printed) 
and the 'end job status' is mentionned #701 (instead of OK when the job 
is printed) because the printer refuse to print a job without an "ID 
user/service/department" (empty).

If  I understand well the process of printing from Windows using CUPS 
server, the Windows driver (Canon iR5055/iR5065 PS3 -> postcript 
specific CANON driver) The program formats the print file from the 
program which call the printer to a postcript format (transformation) 
and send it to the CUPS server which does not modify it and send it to 
the printer.

My questions are :
Is it possible to tell CUPS to get the "windows postcript" print job 
into a (or more) filter(s) ?
If the answer is yes, where this can be done ?

Is there somebody who have a "good" HOWTO (documentation) to build and 
also use our own CUPS filter ?

Thank you very much in advance,
Best regards.

M. FARGET Vincent
Insitut Camille Jordan - CNRS
Universite Claude Bernard LYON 1
Systemes Informatiques et developpements webs

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