[cups] Restrict the visibility of printers

Michael Kiermaier michael.kiermaier at uni-bayreuth.de
Fri Nov 21 04:42:49 PST 2014

I'm running a cups server managing several printers.
On the network, there are different clients (identified by their IP)
which are allowed to print on different selections of the printers.
I've managed to restrict the rights by using policies.

However, every client sees all the printers of the print server,
including the forbidden ones. I would like to restrict this, such that
every only sees those printers which he is allowed to use.

I've considered the following variants:

* Announcing the printers by dns-sd: I didn't find a way to set a
  different IP range depending on the announced printer.

* Putting the print server into the client's /etc/cups/client.conf
  This shows all the printers of the print server to the client, an
  again I don't know how to restrict the selection.

* On each host: Setting up a printer queue for each allowed printer.
  Probably this would work, but it is not really an option since it
  involves a lot of administration effort.

* Running several instances of cups, one for each policy.
  This seems overly complicated and I really don't want to do this.

Is there a solution to my problem?


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