[cups-devel] Why the API cupsTempFile isn't supported in CUPS 2.0.0/OS X 10.10

Dong Tan julykitt at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 00:56:45 PST 2014


I recently covered an old project which used cupsTempFile(), isn't support
in CUPS 2.0.0/OS X 10.10.
The design of old project is based on temporary file path not file
descriptor, so I just used cupsTempFd() to get temporary file path and
close it, to make the project working on CUPS 2.0.0/OS X 10.10.

I check the source code of cupsTempFile() in earlier CUPS, found it just
call cupsTempFd(), and close the file descriptor. So, I wonder if my change
has some unpredictable error.
I know there must be some reason to remove support of cupsTempFile(), I
just want to know why, in order to avoid similar error.

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