[cups] CUPS printing problems with 'Fit to Page Size'

Helge Blischke HelgeBlischke at web.de
Mon Apr 27 01:50:16 PDT 2015

Fairly recently, the cups-filters package from openprinting.org  
changed a default setting:


     Compared to the PostScript-based original CUPS filters there is a
     change of defaults: The imagetopdf and imagetoraster filters print
     in "scale-to-fit" mode (image is scaled to fill one page but
     nothing of the image being cut off) by default.

     This is done to support photo printing via AirPrint. The photo
     apps on Apple's iOS devices send print jobs as JPEG images and do
     not allow to set any options like "scaling" or the page size. With
     "scale-to-fit" mode set by default, the iOS photos come out on one
     page, as expected.

     To get back to the old behavior, supply one of the options
     "nofitplot" "filplot=Off", "nofit-to-page", or "fit-to-page=Off".

(from the README file).

Please try one of the options listed in the last line of the above  
text snippet
and tell if it then works as you expected.


Am 26.04.2015 um 23:30 schrieb Bernard:

> Hi to Everyone,
> I have installed my old 'HP Deskjet 1120C' on my new laptop running  
> Ubuntu 14.04, using a usb to parallel converter. I configured it  
> using 'system-config-printer' and the cups server interface at http://localhost:631 
> with the 'CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.10-pre2' driver.
> At least one option fails to work. It is called:
> "Shrink Page if Necessary to fit borders". In CUPS language, it is  
> 'StpiShrinkOutput'
> It has three possible values: 'Shrink' 'Crop' or 'Expand'
> Whenever printing directly from a shell:
> lp -d MyPrinter myfile
> I get same printing results, whichever value I chose for this option  
> in the CUPS server on localhost:631
> Same thing when the settings are being modified using '-system- 
> config-printer'
> same results again when trying to override the default setting by  
> calling the option in the command line like this:
> lp -d MyPrinter -o StpiShrinkOutput=Crop Myfile
> Biggest problem is: the printing that I get ALWAYS fills the whole  
> page, whatever option is chosen. If I want to print a 300dpi image  
> that is supposed to print about 10cmx10cm, it will print 20.9x20.9cm  
> so that it fits the page, with lesser dpi. This is true with  
> whatever file type I am printing, whether it is an image or a simple  
> LibreOffice Calc file (however this does not apply to LibreOffice  
> text files which seem to print correctly so far). It goes like if  
> the page fitting option was inoperative. However, if I type :
> lpoptions -P MyPrinter -l
> I get a list of all available options and their possible parameters  
> with a '*' showing which option is the default one on y system ; the  
> 'StpiShrinkOutput' option appears all right and the '*' shows at the  
> right place according to the choice I make in the cups server...  
> only problem is that it does nothing to the printing job.
> I must emphasize that other options do operate OK (media type, dpi  
> for printing, contrat and gamma correction etc... )
> It wouldn't bother me that much that this option was inoperative, if  
> the default behaviour was 'no page fitting, print according to the  
> image file infos'
> Back to whole page filling for LibreOffice Calc documents, the Page  
> filling problem does exist, whether the document is printed using  
> the 'lp' command or the 'file/print" from LibreOffice menu...
> as far as images files are concerned, printing with 'The Gimp' does  
> override the page size fitting problem ! With the Gimp, 'file/print'  
> displays menus to set options ; in 'advanced options' there is a  
> possibility to set up the Shrink/Expand/Crop page option. This does  
> not seem to work either, but the advantage is that, in Gimp, the  
> default printing scheme depends on something else (by default it  
> prints with the default resolution in dpi, and that if you want to  
> change printing size you only have to resample). My problem is that  
> I mostly use 'Darktable' instead of 'Gimp', and, since Darktable  
> does not yet support printing, I get image files that I attempt to  
> print with online commands using lp.
> I have tried to uninstall my printer and reinstall it, to no avail  
> so far.
> TRUE ENOUGH: my Hp Deskjet 1120C printer is a parallel printer, and  
> I am now using it on as a usb device with a converter... True  
> enough: the install through 'system-config-printer' proposes a  
> driver other than that I am now using and no other choice than this  
> one, which is
> 'HP Deskjet 1120, hpcups 3.14.3'
> the only way I could install 'CUPS+Gutenprint v5.2.10-pre2' was in a  
> second step using the CUPS localhost interface. The first proposed  
> driver (HP Deskjet 1120, hpcups 3.14.3) did not offer very many  
> options: as the second one offers for 'MediaType' "Draft, Plain,  
> Premium, Glossy Photo paper', the first one only has one option,  
> that of 'plain' paper !  There is no way to modify gamma or contrast  
> values either... The second driver works well at the exception of  
> that crazy stuff about page size fitting.
> Maybe there is another updated driver for such application as that  
> described above ?  Or an other way to connect that printer ?
> Thanks in advance for your help
> Bernard7895
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