[cups] Custom backend with fork()

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Wed Apr 29 00:44:53 PDT 2015


On Apr 28 16:01 Justin Killen wrote:
> Ideally, what should happen is that if 10 jobs are queued,
> they should all run in parallel.
> CUPS still waits for the child PID to complete before moving
> on to the next item on the queue.

If 10 jobs are queued in one single print queue,
then at any time at most one single job is actively printing.

If 10 jobs are queued in 10 print queues (one job in each queue)
then all 10 jobs are actively printing in parallel.

As far as I understand it this is the fundamental behaviour
how a queue is expected to work.

Or do I misunderstand what you actually mean?

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Johannes Meixner
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