[cups-devel] Final status sent by socket backend seems misleading.

Bryan Mason bmason at redhat.com
Fri Jul 1 17:36:29 PDT 2016


Prior to CUPS 1.6b1, the ipp and socket backends sent an "INFO: Ready
to print" message back to the scheduler before exiting.  There was even
an STR (3460) to add it to the ipp backend.

However, that seems to have been changed in CUPS 1.6.  The last status
that the ipp and socket backends send back is "INFO: Waiting for
printer to finish."  This leaves the print queue with a misleading
status when the print job does, in fact, complete.

Was there a reason for the change.  Is there a reason not to have the
backends provide a more accurate status when exiting?


Bryan Mason
Senior Software Maintenance Engineer
Red Hat

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