[cups-devel] PayPal for Michael's book?

Mike Crawford mike at soggywizards.com
Wed Jul 27 22:46:57 PDT 2016

Greetings, I just subscribed.

I'm expecting to get a contract to write a CUPS driver for Mac OS X.  I 
need a copy of Michael Sweet's "CUPS: Common UNIX Printing System" but 
the only money I have right now is in PayPal.  I can't transfer it to a 
bank because the heavy bootheels of ChexSystems kicked in my door back 
in the day.

Can you suggest a bookstore that accepts PayPal, and that either has the 
book in stock or could order it?

Powells in Portland, Oregon accepts PayPal but they tell me they are 
unable to order the book.

Alternatively, would one of you right chaps sell me your copy, and I 
could pay you via PayPal?

I don't need it immediately; a week or two would be fine.

Your Unindicted Co-Conspirator,

Mike Crawford
Portland Software Development and Consulting
mike at soggywizards.com

One Must Not Trifle With Wizards For It Makes Us Soggy And Hard To Light.

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