[cups] cupsd changing remote printer definitions in printers.conf

Kevin Kretz kevin at rentec.com
Wed Dec 6 06:57:37 PST 2017

Hi, Hope this is the right list for my question. 

I have a print server (we'll call it printserver1) which has a bunch of printers defined. These printers live in a segregated network, inaccessible to most machines other than this print server. 

There is also a new network, used for testing and also mostly segregated from the main network. It also hosts a print server running cups (we'll call it printserver2). The client hosts running in this network can't access anything on the main network. Printserver2 is allowed to communicate with printserver1. 

When I set up printserver2 and define its printers like 

DeviceURI ipp://printserver1.domain.com/printers/printer_name 

everything works great. That is, until every hour on the 14th minute, when some process rewrites some of my printer definitions. 

Most of the printers on printserver1 are defined like 

DeviceURI socket://printername.domain.com:9100/ 

All of the printers defined this way on printserver1 continue to work properly on printserver2. 

However, four printers on printserver1 are defined with IPP, like 

DeviceURI ipp://printername.domain.com 

... and after whatever refresh procedure cups does hourly runs, their definitions on printserver2 are changed to match those on printserver1. 

I understand the benefit of that when both printservers are on the same network. But in this case, they aren't - the initial config works, and the updated config doesn't. 

I can't find reference to what this update process is or how to modify its behavior. Can someone point me in the right direction please? 



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