[cups] How to make the Device-URI accessible?

fx YAN BING yan.bing at fujixerox.co.jp
Mon Dec 18 18:44:24 PST 2017

Hi, every CUPS professional,

I'm new to CUPS, and I'm creating a simulator of printer server for testing our IPP client device.
Our IPP client device can only request a printer server through URI like following, and it is not configurable.

However, if I change the source code of our IPP client device
from http://ip:631/ipp/printername to http://ip:631/printers/printername,
the IPP client device will work well.

Details by step:
・Build CUPS2.2.6 on Ubuntu 10.4, and install it.
I can access the installed printer server's management page through

・Then add a printer named "HP-Printer" through
or the following command.
lpadmin -p HP-Printer -v -E -L "Test Place"
I can see the Connection string(Device-URI) as following after the printer added.

・And then I try to get this printer's information with our IPP client,
but when I use this URL, it succeeded,
while this URL, it failed.
Highly appreciated if anyone could explain the reason and help me to solve this problem.
How to make the printer's Device-URI usable and accessible

Best Regards

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