[cups] printing b/w with HP Laserjet M277 Pro MFP

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Sun Feb 5 22:57:15 PST 2017


I own the above printer/copier/scanner and have it configured within
CUPS 2.0.3, cups-filters 1.5.0 as Generic Postscript Printer which works
just fine for my print cases.

The copier part of the device allows to do copy either in color or
black/white and I tried to figure out how to use this feature from
within printing with CUPS. I checked the generated PPD file and it has
an option:

*ColorDevice: True

and if I switch this to 'False' it just works, i.e. prints in
b/w/grey-scale. I configured a 2nd printer in CUPS with an appropriate
name and modified its PPD file to 

*ColorDevice: False

Printing to this new spool object gives the expected output.

My questions now is:

How this switch in the printer is done exactly, by just sending this
statement '*ColorDevice: False' to the device or is the resulting PS
code somehow different?



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