[cups] Share local printer through bluetooth

Bob cups-a5729 at listemail.net
Wed Feb 22 08:47:08 PST 2017

** Reply to message from VĂ­ctor <vmromanos at gmail.com> on Sun, 19 Feb 2017
16:17:28 +0100

> Is it possible to share a local printer through Bluetooth?

I do not know.

> I would want to connect a printer without Bluetooth support to a linux
> computer (using the USB port) and share the printer through Bluetooth, so
> other devices like smartphones are able to detect it and print using the
> Bluetooth interface.
> Basically it is like a normal LAN printer sharing but using Bluetooth.

I print from my iphone over WIFI.  Cups handles airprint, it works very well.

Robert Blair

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