[cups] number-up doesn't work in CUPS 1.6.3

Douglas Kosovic doug at uq.edu.au
Thu Feb 23 20:09:40 PST 2017

Hi Andrew,

It was a completely different filter handling 'number-up' in the earlier CUPS versions. With CUPS version 1.6.0 and later, the cups-filters package now provides backends, filters, and other software which are not maintained in the core CUPS distribution from Apple.

I'm not having number-up issues with cups-filters-1.0.38 and later, but can't remember what earlier version was that I did have issues. I'm not using stock RedHat RPMs, but once derived from Fedora source RPMs.

You could probably do a search for  'number-up' in the Bugzilla for OpenPrinting (i.e. cups-filters and some other packages) :
maybe set the status to All to search closed jobs also.


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> Subject: [cups] number-up doesn't work in CUPS 1.6.3
> We have two CUPS print servers, one running RHEL 6.8 with CUPS 1.4.2 and
> another running RHEL 7.3 with CUPS 1.6.3.
> We've found that the lpr option number-up works with CUPS version 1.4.2 but
> does not work with version 1.6.3. Specifying any number of pages per sheet
> with version 1.6.3 results in all pages being printed one page per sheet.
> Looking at the CUPS changelog, I saw the following:
> * Tue Nov 03 2009 Tim Waugh <twaugh at redhat.com> 1:1.4.1-14
>   - Removed stale patch from STR #2831 which was causing problems with
>     number-up (bug #532516).
> Is anyone else seeing this issue? At what point after version 1.4.1-14 did the
> issue resurface?
> -Andrew R.
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