[cups-devel] Hack for PDF/driverless printing with Lexmark printers

Stephan stephanwib at googlemail.com
Sun Feb 5 23:39:03 PST 2017

Hi Michael,

> Check that you have the current firmware for your printer - that printer *should* be reporting PDF support.

I discussed this with Lexmark and they will definitely not fix it in
their firmware. The reason is that a recertification of AirPrint would
be required by Apple. Newer printers (starting around 2012) do support
all attributes that are required, but not the series of 2010 and
older. This is very annoying as these printers can perfectly print PDF
(and even XPS) but cause big trouble in this use case.

> Anyways, the IPP backend has a number of "modes" to support older printers, and you are hitting one.

I was hoping for a hint where the said attributes are discarded in
this particular case. It is not visible easily in the source code ;)



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