[cups-devel] job-password and HP printers

Stephan stephanwib at googlemail.com
Fri Feb 10 04:10:51 PST 2017


I found that HP printers offer job password protection via IPP, e.g.
my LaserJet 500 M551 reports:

        hp-save-job-password-type (keyword) = alphanumeric
        job-password-supported (integer) = 12
        hp-save-job-password-min-length (integer) = 4
        hp-save-job-encryption-supported (1setOf keyword) = aes128,aes256

I used ipptool and print-job-password.test included in CUPS 2.2.2 in
order to test this. However the options are ignored and the job is
printed as if nothing was provided.

Is there anything known about this test case and HP printers?



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