[cups-devel] Hacking USB uris to make them more predictable

Vadim A. Misbakh-Soloviov cups at mva.name
Wed Feb 22 12:10:09 PST 2017

> probably something like usb://{vendor_id}/{product_id}?serial={serial}.

> Is this a terrible idea for some reason that I'm not seeing?  Are there
> subtle dependencies on the existing URI scheme of which I may not be
> aware?  Happy to get any feedback at all on this.

Let's imagine you have a couple of chinese noname printers, having same vid/
pid, and both has 0000000 as serial (just like it is common case for android 

How would you differ which exactly printer do you want to call with your URI 
scheme? :)

// So, in my opinion, it should, at least, also contain usb bus info (bus ID 
and device-on-bus ID).

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