[cups-devel] Add printer, pam with libprelude, core-dump/ANOM_ABEND

tjoen tjoen at dds.nl
Fri Feb 24 10:40:03 PST 2017

On Fri, 2017-02-24 at 10:10 -0500, Michael Sweet wrote:
> You need to get a backtrace (from the core file, if one was
> generated) to determine the cause. My guess is something in
> libprelude, or another supporting library, as otherwise such things
> would turn up when testing cupsd with valgrind and other security
> tools.

Thanks for responding.
I have intalled valgrind because exempi issues a warning if there is 
no valgrind. But I have no experience with valgrind.
First step is recompiling cups but without packaging into an rpm?
Also libprelude and PAM?
Do I need to read the whole valgrind documentation?
Any suggestion welcome

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