[cups] B&W pictures with colored grays

Rolf-Werner Eilert rwe-sse at osnanet.de
Wed Apr 18 09:07:50 PDT 2018

In regular intervals I have to print some documentation including black 
and white pictures. It is a 16 pages document, mostly text, colored text 
and some color pictures and some black and white pictures. The PDF is 
from Scribus.

Up to now I used to print from Windows. Adobe Reader's printing dialog 
is set to "Text & Foto", so if there are black and white pictures (only 
gray channel), the printer prints them with the black toner only. The 
pages print fast, but the printer will accept only one document at a 
time. I cannot use the Number of Copies setting to let it print 10 
copies, but have to send one copy 10 times to line up in the queue.

Now I have a new Linux system (we already discussed about another item 
with it) which could print these documents too. It even delivers sharper 
prints, but it has two drawbacks:

1) It seems to print the whole page as a picture which results in 
loooong printing times. But I can use Number of Copies, it will print 
all 10 copies in one go.

2) It prints black and white pictures with a bit of color toner, mainly 
red, so these pictures have a light warm shimmer. And that wastes a lot 
of red toner...

I have been trying around with different settings in the printing 
dialog, but to no avail. Does anyone here know a special setting which 
lets it print like on the Windows side?

Thanks for all hints.


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