[cups] B&W pictures with colored grays

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
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On Apr 18 18:07 Rolf-Werner Eilert wrote (excerpt):
> 2) It prints black and white pictures with a bit of color toner,
> mainly red, so these pictures have a light warm shimmer.
> And that wastes a lot of red toner...

for my personal generic way to enforce monochrome-only printing
see the section "Printer drivers: Make the printer print" in
that reads (excerpts):
For example a PostScript+PCL color laser printer
could be operated as

* PostScript printer using a PostScript PPD
* color PCL printer using a PPD for a color PCL driver
* monochrome PCL printer using a PPD for a monochrome PCL driver

Printing via a PCL driver is usually faster but with
less quality than printing in PostScript mode and
using a monochrome PCL driver is probably the best way
to enforce fast monochrome-only printing. 

A drawback when using a PCL driver for a PostScript+PCL printer
is that the PostScript printer's optimum printing quality often
cannot be reached in PCL mode and that printer specific options
(e.g. tray selection and all those special printer specific stuff)
are usually only available and combinable in PostScript mode.
In PCL mode (i.e. via a PCL driver), the options are limited.
Cf. the section "PostScript Printers" in

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