[cups] HP450c stops at cm 100

Helge Blischke helgeblischke at web.de
Mon Feb 4 13:59:32 PST 2019

> Am 04.02.2019 um 08:36 schrieb Francesco Leoni Sforza <labellascola at gmail.com>:
> Why a plotter HP 450c driver with Sierra/Gutenprint (last release,
> everyrhing, eventi Sierra, is newly installed) stop and cuts at about cm
> 100? HP setup us on "software" and page size is mm 600x3350.
> _______________________________________________

Create an executable script, say  
containing just the following 4 lines:

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
system ("grep \"Job $jid\" /var/log/cups/error_log.O | grep -v 'Set job-printer-state-message to' > /tmp/temp.txt");
system ("grep \"Job $jid\" /var/log/cups/error_log | grep -v 'Set job-printer-state-message to' >> /tmp/temp.txt");

Then execute
cupsctl —debug-logging
print your problem file and remember the job ID
after the print has finished, execute the script

cups-joblog xxxxx

where xxxxx is the numeric job ID as remembered.

Then post the file /tmp&temp.txt to the list, so that we can see what has happened.


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