[cups] debugging file auto-typing

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Thu Feb 21 00:00:56 PST 2019


On Feb 20 15:58 Tim Mooney wrote (excerpt):
> ... it was converted to PCLXL (PCL 6) by the print rendering
> service, before it was submitted to our CUPS server.  The first few lines
> of the file are
> ESC%-12345X at PJL JOB NAME = "DataSvcsRequestForm-Mem Union.pdf"
> @PJL COMMENT "PrintWhere 6.2 Plug-in 0974 (0.3.1584.23510); Windows Server 
> 2016 Standard 6.2.9200.3; Unidrv 0.3.16299.402"
> As mime.types(5) describes in the "TYPE MATCHING AND PRIORITY" section,
> there can be multiple types that match a particular file.  When that
> happens, CUPS has ways to decide on which type it chooses.

I think in general


could help you - therein in particular the section
"Print Job Data Specific Custom Filters"

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