[cups] debugging file auto-typing

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Fri Feb 22 00:54:43 PST 2019

Hello Tim,

On Feb 21 13:16 Tim Mooney wrote (excerpt):
> In regard to: Re: [cups] debugging file auto-typing, Johannes Meixner 
> said...:
>> I think in general
>> https://en.opensuse.org/SDB:Using_Your_Own_Filters_to_Print_with_CUPS
>> could help you - therein in particular the section
>> "Print Job Data Specific Custom Filters"
> Thanks Johannes.  I was actually reading that page and that particular
> section last night.

Good grief - hopefully you could sleep well afterwards ;-)

I mean this as encouragement. You are digging into a tricky area
where you need patience because things depend on sublte details
of the specific case.

That article is a bit old so that some details are different
in current CUPS versions but in general it should still apply.

Kind Regards
Johannes Meixner
SUSE LINUX GmbH - GF: Felix Imendoerffer, Jane Smithard,
Graham Norton - HRB 21284 (AG Nuernberg)

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