Mac Landscape mode, the end of cups?

Jim Deas jim.deas at
Fri Feb 20 10:18:19 PST 2009

I am seeing a lot of traffic on landscape mode printing for Mac 10.3-10.5
What I have not seen is a clear answer to the problem.

I currently use LPRng from an old Redhat 9 destro. This software properly formats and prints through OS X 10.4 (have not tried 10.5) in both portrait and landscape mode. It is very long in the tooth though and I would like to update to Cups to better support my Mac clients.

In an attempt to share printers across subnets I use Cups in place of bonjour on a multi-vlan server but I am worried about the support aspects. Starting with 10.5 Mac no longer looks for Cups shares unless you modify their configuration. In addition a bug (not in LPRng but in Cups) is causing landscape mode to fail on all my printers.

Given that this bug is two plus years old, is this an early indicator that Apple has become the new Microsoft? Is it possible that Apple has purchased Cups only to bury it?

Please, no flames. I know there are other software packages involved and related but the simple fact is none of the source versions on this site fix the problem when built on FC5 i386. If this is due to outside packages linked in the build please let me know!

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