[cups-devel] Part of the print data is lost after the offline time has elapsedagata353 at oki.com

agata353 at oki.com
Tue Dec 6 00:15:00 PST 2016

A problem occurs in which part of the print data is not printed.
To reproduce, load one sheet of paper into the printer and print 30 job. We
wait for a few minutes and then feed the paper.

In the case of lpd bakend, if you wait over 10 minutes, pages on the way
will not be printed.
It reproduces with a job of 150 kb or more.

In case of socket bakend, if you wait 3 hours or more, halfway pages will
not be printed.
(This time depends on MaxJobTime (default is 10800 second))

When the waiting time becomes long, the number of pages not printed

Similar cases are as follows. .

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