[cups-devel] Part of the print data is lost after the offline time has elapsedMichael Sweet

msweet at apple.com
Tue Dec 6 08:34:30 PST 2016

Both LPD and AppSocket are "dumb" protocols and are not reliable in situations like this.

For AppSocket you can change the MaxJobTime setting to 0 so that cupsd doesn't give up on the job.

For LPD you can change the timeout parameter to a large number of seconds (86400 = one day):

    lpd://host-or-ip/queue?timeout=86400 <lpd://host-or-ip/queue?timeout=86400>

More information can be found here:

    https://www.cups.org/doc/man-cupsd.conf.html#MaxJobTime <https://www.cups.org/doc/man-cupsd.conf.html#MaxJobTime>
    https://www.cups.org/doc/network.html <https://www.cups.org/doc/network.html>

> On Dec 6, 2016, at 3:15 AM, agata353 at oki.com wrote:
> A problem occurs in which part of the print data is not printed.
> To reproduce, load one sheet of paper into the printer and print 30 job. We
> wait for a few minutes and then feed the paper.
> In the case of lpd bakend, if you wait over 10 minutes, pages on the way
> will not be printed.
> It reproduces with a job of 150 kb or more.
> In case of socket bakend, if you wait 3 hours or more, halfway pages will
> not be printed.
> (This time depends on MaxJobTime (default is 10800 second))
> When the waiting time becomes long, the number of pages not printed
> increases.
> Similar cases are as follows. .
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