SUSE 9.0 and networked printer

Ian Leonard ian at
Sat Jul 10 06:57:49 PDT 2004


I have a SUSE 9.0 system connected to a Fedora Core 2 box with an Epson printer.

I use YAST to setup a CUPS client. All appears to be well and if I when I try to print, it works. However after a reboot I can't print - I get the error:

lp: error - scheduler not responding!


I then tried to configure cups via the web page. Initially I could get past the password authentication. On SUSE cups runs as the user lp. I tried to set a cups password for it, but eventually had to change the user to root. Now I get the main page up but any attempt to use one of the options results in a connection refused message.

Any advice would be gratefully received. Thanks.

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