mime type

Mike dougherty at pbp.com
Mon Jul 26 13:26:47 PDT 2004

How do i determine the mime type of a print job?

I am still working on writing a filter for a text-only printer.

I have added this as the first "text" type in mime.types:
   text/altesc			string(0,"||eSc||")

I have made this the first text/type in mime.convs:
   text/altesc		application/postscript	11	AEC2EC.filter

the contents of /usr/lib/cups/filter/AEC2EC.filter: (which is executable 
like the other filters in that directory)
   echo -en "AEC2EC filtered"
   exec <"$6"
   cat | sed 's/||eSc||/%ESC%/g'

If you can see that what i'm doing is just the wrong approach, please 
enlighten me

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