Intermittent hung.

Michael Sweet mike at
Tue Jul 13 06:57:45 PDT 2004

angelb at wrote:
> Unfortunately, our two CUPS servers are running in s390 and according
> to RedHat, 1.1.17 is the latest CUPS version for the s390 system.
> They have also back-ported fixes to this version but I'm sure there
> has been a lot of patches released since I installed .17. Support
> also mentioned there are several CUPS bug-fixes included in the
> forth-coming update though they didn't say when.

Red Hat doesn't provide up-to-date RPMs for CUPS.  To build an up-to-
date RPM, use:

     rpmbuild -ta cups-version-source.tar.gz

and then "rpm -U" with the new RPMs.

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