cups windows driver causing protection fault

Michael Sweet mike at
Sun Jul 4 21:12:33 PDT 2004

Mike cavanaugh wrote:
> The windows cups postscript driver is causing a protection fault
> whenever the prefernces are opened on a Windows XP client. Printing
> works, however.
> I used cupsaddsmb to add the driver to our samba server which is
> version 3.04. I'm able to connect from a Windows XP client and open
> and use the printer. But, opening the preferences causes a protection
> fault. I've tried several version of the cups driver 5.0rc3, 5.0rc1,
> and even 1.1.16.
> Has anyone see this behaviour before?

Yes, it is very common with some PPD files and is a bug in the
Microsoft NT PostScript driver the CUPS driver is based on.  We,
unfortunately, have not been able to resolve the problem (Microsoft
provides no way to debug UI components, at least not that we've been
able to find and MS is no help with the old driver).

The good news is that a new Windows driver is on the way and is
based on the Windows 2000 driver (which MS supports and which
provides a nice plug-in mechanism).  The new driver will also be
GPL'd...  (coming soon, but sorry no specific release date yet)

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