[cups.general] Hi I am a sysadmin and my organisation is a SuSE

chuck.amadi chuck.amadi at ntlworld.com
Thu Apr 7 15:53:45 PDT 2005

Hi I am a sysadmin and my organisation is a SuSE shop.

We have SuSE 9.0 TO 9.2 Professional installed on our clients.

I have been given a minor task to setup a print queue to print 
double-sided (Duplexing).

This seems to be hit and miss as configuration using Yast2 on a few SuSE 
9.2 I get a Error that there are conflicts yo Collate, Printer disk , 
Duplex and Duplex Unit .

I have a few SuSE 9.2  clients that do work mine being one of them.

I thought about hard editing /etc/cups/lpoptions but I rather use the 

Anyone have any ideas  Here is my configure setup > Yast2 > Hardware > 
Printer >
Chnage > Add > print queue name > double and thus add printer details > 
Edit Collate and turn off > Printer Disk - none > Duplex -  double long 
sided (standard) > Duplex Unit - Install .

When I try Duplex double long side it produces a error message only when 
I choose Off Edge or something sounding like that  -  that is doesn't 
complain but I don't seem to print double sided .



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