[cups.general] Windows-domain in username makes user:passwd

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Tue Apr 19 00:02:32 PDT 2005


On Apr 18 20:50 Jochen Antesberger wrote (shortened):
> Using the web- or kde-interfaces to cups they normally don't show the
> logon-part of the device-URI. I'm using a couple of printers, shared by
> Win2k workstations, and I have to logon using the Windows-domain and my
> login, i.e. domain/username:password at win2k-workstation/printer.
> However the slash seems to confuse cups and it shows the full URI
> including the password when viewing the printers as nonprivileged user.

This is a known problem and some weeks ago there was a discussion
on this list and I think it is not a CUPS problem but a problem
of the smb backend i.e. a Samba problem.

I think that CUPS 'hides' the password if a special URI has a
particular format is not a real solution but only a gracious
workaround for a bug in the backend.

I think if a backend must do authentication (or needs any other kind
of secret information) then it is up to the backend to provide a
method how to supply the secrets without clear text in the URI.

For example the backend could have only placeholders in the URI like
or via the usual optional parameters in an URI like
and have a private file where the actual values for $USER and
$PASSWORD are stored.

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