CUPS automatically stops printers

Helge Blischke h.blischke at
Tue Apr 26 03:42:11 PDT 2005

Try the hpnpf backend instead of the default socket backend and report
how it


Joris wrote:
> Hi there,
> I'm running a gentoo based samba/cups printserver.
> I do have the same problem, which seems to occur on the same
> printer : an HP laserjet 8150.
> All the others network printer don't seem to be affected by this
> issue.
> Moreover, i have a "Print file sent, waiting for printer to
> finish..." on it, although they're no jobs on this printer,
> strange isn't it ?
> Cups is configured to use the "socket" protocol.
> Anyone can help with this bug ?? Maybe it's not related to Cups,
> but i don't find any relevant infos about this issue in cups' logs.
> Marco a écrit :
> > Hi,
> >
> > I have a cups installation (FreeBSD cups-base- which occasionally stops a printer. So the printer is in "Printer State: stopped, accepting jobs."
> >
> > After manually restarting the printer everything works fine again, but this isn't really a solution. I don't want to explain cups to all the secretaries.
> > The old installation with cups- didn't show this behaviour.
> >
> > Google shows that I'm not the only one with this problem, but no one seems to have an answer.
> >
> > Isn't there any solution to stop cups from stopping a printer?

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