[cups.general] Re: waiting for printer to finish

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Wed Apr 27 01:31:35 PDT 2005


On Apr 26 18:23 bernd at rhm.de wrote (shortened):
> The printer is defined as socket://...

strings /usr/lib/cups/backend/socket | grep 'waiting for printer'


INFO: Print file sent, waiting for printer to finish...

I.e. the message is sent from the backend but it is not
overwritten by an empty message before the backend finishes
with zero exit code.

If you don't want to simply ignore it, you can either patch and
re-compile the backend (complicated) or you make your own backend
for plain TCP socket data transfer (easy).

If you make your own backend as a bash script, you can use
for example "netcat" to do the plain TCP socket data transfer.

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