Cannot invoke a interface script

csad3934 at csad3934 at
Mon Aug 1 02:04:46 PDT 2005

hi all

Normally we always printed our recovery data. Now I trie to set up a recovery server where all the stuff we printed out before is stored.

the "As400" machine where the print jobs comes from is a unix based machine.

I tried to set up a printer on my recovery server with the following command:

lpadmin -p test -i /usr/lib/cups/filter/print_to_file

"print_to_file" is a shell script which only purpose is to rename the file and to save it on my hard disk (so not to print).

This works fine if I send a printjob of any format from the server machine. Command:
lp -d test /file/to/print

But when I try to send print job from the As400 then the interface is never invoked...and therefore the data cannot be stored. The problem is that nobody knows how the As400 sends the printjobs...but we suppose that it is the "lpr" command.

The data which comes from the As400 has no specific format...
So why the interface is not invoked by data which comes from the As400?
Is this maybe because the data is in the raw format? I read somewhere that data which is in the raw format immediately is send to the printer without any call of a filter or an this right?

How can I solve this problem? Hint: There is no possibility to change the printjob on the As400!! So I have to solve this problem on my server side!

Any ideas?


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