Supporting low-end print servers, e.g., NSLU2

Del Merritt del at
Tue Aug 23 12:31:58 PDT 2005

I have a network device that supports CUPS "raw" printing, but, in part because it is not an x86 platform (it's the ARM-based Linksys NSLU2 running firmware from the unslung project), I don't have the ability to run the vendor-provided binary-only filters needed to provide a full implementation.  And the NSLU2 is no speed daemon, so heavy formating isn't in the best interest of quick printing.

It has been suggested that I can install the filter(s) on my faster x86 systems and have them spool the formatted output (for a Samsung ML-1740) to the "raw" device on the NSLU2.  So the question:

Q: how do I make a local system's printing, cups or otherwise, format data "part way" and then spool the processed/"raw" data to another system?

I could see this being handy in other cases.  I don't know what the proper terms for this would be in CUPS-land, so my searches thus far have been in vain.  I have already installed the vendor-stuff on a local system and confirmed that I can print - via local CUPS - to the printer in question when it's connected to that system.  But my system is not always online, and others would like access to the printer.


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