Odd page size default

Toby Blake toby at inf.ed.ac.uk
Thu Aug 25 07:48:32 PDT 2005

> Right now it uses the DefaultLanguage setting in the cupsd.conf file,
> which defaults to the (equivalent) of "printenv LC_ALL" (if LC_ALL
> is defined) or "printenv LANG" (otherwise).

Ah, OK, the DefaultLanguage is set to 'en'.

Curiously, even though the printer seems to be set to Letter in CUPS' 
config, printing comes out A4, from apps and also from the command line 
(using lpr), so I'm a little confused as to how this is happening - i.e. 
what value the printing system actually uses for paper size?

(Basically I want to distribute ppd files for all our printers to our 
Mac users, with a script to set up the printers for them - but first I 
want to make sure that all is working correctly).


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