[cups.bugs] [HIGH] STR #1251: ipp backend never returns total count

John A. Murdie john at cs.york.ac.uk
Fri Aug 19 06:37:11 PDT 2005

[STR New]

Here are some unified diffs to correct a problem in ipp (ipp.c) which
prevents the total page count ever being obtained from a printer and
passed on to the scheduler. This now works with Lexmark laser printers,
but there is an additional problem (which I haven't finished
investigating) with HP laser printers. I hope to be able to submit further
corrections soon.

I've set reporting priority to 'High', as for our use correct total page
counting is crucially important. Nevertheless, we can still print.

I also need to check that the correct partial-job page count is returned
if a printer error occurs part way through the job; a favourite method of
users to get printing for free is to place a deliberate error on an extra
page at the end of their spooled document in the hope that this will cause
the total page count "0" to be returned!

Link: http://www.cups.org/str.php?L1251
Version: 1.1.23
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