UpdateCUPSBrowse: Refused xxx bytes from servername

Daniel Kasak dkasak at nusconsulting.com.au
Sun Jan 9 17:20:24 PST 2005

pipitas wrote:
> Daniel Kasak wrote:
>>Hi all.
>>I'm trying out IPP printing from Windows, and I'm getting the following
>>type of error turning up in the error_log:
>>UpdateCUPSBrowse: Refused 106 bytes from screamer.nusconsulting.com.au
> Try to put "Allow from screamer.nusconsulting.com.au" into the appropriate 
> places of your cupsd.conf (inside the <Location /...>.....</Location> tags.

Thanks for the reply. It turns out that the line below was causing the 


Commenting it out stopped the errors anyway.


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