[cups.general] os x -> freebsd -> HP 4ml

Eric S. Theise mataro at cyberwerks.com
Sat Jan 22 12:44:25 PST 2005


I'm trying to get the following setup to work consistently and reliably.

* HP LaserJet 4ML, connected via Device URI: parallel:/dev/lpt0 on a
* freeBSD 4.10-RELEASE intel machine running cups 1.1.20 and a
* Mac G3 blue and white running OS 10.2.8, w/gimp

I can print reliably from a couple of Mac applications; in particular,
I can print a calendar from the Palm Desktop, and I can print from
TextEdit.  There was a time when I could print from a Mozilla window,
but my font sizes have grown ridiculously large (and only one page
prints), and Acrobat Reader 7 prints pdf files as rows of overprinted

Based on one posting I found, I uncommented the application/octet-stream
related rows in mime.convs and mime.types; this allowed pdf jobs
to at least get to the printer, but seems to have broken some other

If this sounds like a familiar scenario along the path to success,
I'd sure appreciate some advice.

Also, if anyone out there is using a 4ML, I'd love to know what
gimp setting works best for you as there is no exact match.

Many thanks, Eric

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