[cups.general] Re: prevent requeueing jobs

Klaus Singvogel kssingvo at suse.de
Wed Jan 26 00:56:49 PST 2005

ekkard gerlach wrote:
> ekkard gerlach wrote:
> I found in http://cvs.easysw.com/cvsweb.cgi/cups/CHANGES.txt?rev=1.820,
> CHANGES IN CUPS V1.1.19rc1:
> [...]
> - If a backend failed for a printer, CUPS would
>   incorrectly requeue the job for printing again.
> It seem to be a bug of CUPS ... but I tried to update
> cups 1.1.8 to a higher Version some months ago .. but with
> no success. Somebody here who has a instructions list
> to update Suse 8.2 with CUPS 1.1.8?

Not exactly 1.1.19rc1 and no 1.1.23, but a 1.1.22 RPMS for SuSE 8.2
can be found here:
....or any mirror

Please keep in mind, that you loose your possibility to get support
from SUSE, if you install those packages, as they are no official

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