[cups.general] client-error-not-possible error only on cups web

Ye Ying yying at scripps.edu
Thu Jan 27 16:20:06 PST 2005

I have a very weird problem here.

I have used CUPS for my printer which connects to a network for years. 
Just recently it suddenly doesn't allow me to print the test page via 
the cups web interface http://servername:631/ The error message I got was:
which doesn't offer any help at all. I also found I won't be able to 
re-print the completed job for this particular printer.

I tried to look at the access_log and error_log, nothing abnormal. The 
access_log actually indicated there is a job which prints the test page.

I can print the test page via cups web interface for other printers 
connecting to the same network.

All printers have no problem to print their jobs.

Does anything have any idea when I may look for the answer? Thanks a 
million in advance.


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