Cups on fc3 to network printers stops after jame

Anonymous anonymous at
Thu Sep 1 04:39:26 PDT 2005


I have 2 fc3 file servers with cups and samba installed.
All our Printers are on network intel 10/100 print servers.

Printer Setup done via webmin - hardware - printers.
print servers on ip ie Port 9100 for lpt1
9101 for lpt2 etc..

The printing works most of the time untill we get a paper jam.
Once jam cleared the printer does not print.
Looking at Webmin-hardware-printer shows Enabled=FALSE
and you have to select Enabled=True and click ok to enable the
printer again.

Can anyone say why this happens as when the fileservers were Redhat 9
os we did not have this problem.



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