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Thanks, it possible to implement a page-label at the server end of things so that all documents printed get a header? I'm using Mac OS X, so each machine is running it's own server, and would like to add headers to all jobs to identify which computer printed the document.


> Jeff wrote:
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> > I see a number of references to "page-label" for adding a static header to every page printed, exactly would one implement the page-label option? When I looked it up in the documentation, it simply explained what it was, but I didn't see anything on how to do it,...
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> > Jeff
> page-label is a job attribute:
> 	-o page-label="some weird text"
> on the command line. The default implementation simply renders this "sime weird text"
> (without the quotes) surrounded by a rectangular box at both tht top and the bottom of
> each page.
> There is an alternate implementation - see the link to "alternate pstops filter" on the
> CUPS homepage - which requires some skills in PostScript programming but allows to
> do things like watermarks, thumb tabs, etc.
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