Canon S400 Print Problems

Anonymous anonymous at
Sat Sep 10 07:21:08 PDT 2005

with my canon s400 i can print, but bottom of page (last 1/1.5 cm) isn't printed.
i tried to use allignps utility but it doesn't solve problem.
what can i do???
someone can help me????
it isn't a great problem, but to print some important documents, i must use winzozz.
i give you some information:
so: debian testing
driver: gimp-print-ijs
gs interpreter: gs-esp 7.07.1-9
cups and foomatic installed from official debian repository.
installed deb:
ii  cups-pdf                          1.7.1-1
ii  cupsys                            1.1.23-11
ii  cupsys-bsd                        1.1.23-11
ii  cupsys-client                     1.1.23-11
ii  cupsys-driver-gimpprint           4.2.7-10
ii  cupsys-driver-gimpprint-data      4.2.7-10
ii  libcupsimage2                     1.1.23-11
ii  libcupsimage2-dev                 1.1.23-11
ii  libcupsys2-dev                    1.1.23-11
ii  libcupsys2-gnutls10               1.1.23-11
ii  libgnomecups1.0-1                 0.2.0-2
ii  foomatic-db                       20050720-1
ii  foomatic-db-engine                3.0.2-20050720-1
ii  foomatic-db-gimp-print            4.2.7-10
ii  foomatic-db-hpijs                 1.5-20050705-1
ii  foomatic-filters                  3.0.2-20050720-1
ii  foomatic-filters-ppds             20050720-1
ii  foomatic-gui            
ii  python-foomatic         
ii  gs                                8.15-2
ii  gs-afpl                           8.14-3
ii  gs-common                         0.3.9
ii  gs-esp                            7.07.1-9
ii  gs-gpl                            8.15-2
ii  gsfonts                           8.14+v8.11+urw-0.2
ii  gsfonts-x11                       0.17
ii  hpijs                             2.1.3+0.9.3-3


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