Allow printer management (start/stop) and only that.

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Wed Sep 14 09:07:18 PDT 2005

to overcome this I wrote my own web interface to cups with perl - Its a little ugly, but it works fine. I do plan on cleaning it up and releasing it at some point. There is also a perl module for cups which has some of this functionality.

Another trick I use sometimes is make a copy of a binary, change the user group to the users I want to give access while still retaining root ownership and doing a chmod 4755 on that binary

cp cancel canceljobs
chgrp printeradmins canceljobs
chmod 4755 canceljobs


> Anonymous wrote:
> >
> > Thanks for your suggestion.
> >
> > CUPS is running on HP-UX 11.11 and I am accessing the CUPS-GUI through the webbrowser of my client. So accessing the GUI is not a problem. It's more about limiting the administrive access to the different functions of CUPS.
> > For example I to not want the operating staff to be able to modify or delete printers, but they should be able to restart a stopped printer.
> >
> > I know, I can allow/deny quite a lot by changing the cupsd.conf, but still it seems to me that I can only allow or deny administrive tasks in general and not specific tasks as mentioned above.
> >
> > Any other suggestions? Thanks...
> >
> > > try for webbrowser localhost:631 or kjobviewer.... sorry maybe i'm late :D
> Try the following (which has been posted several times already in the past):
> There is no official way to do this in the current release; CUPS
> 1.2 provides per-operation and per-queue admin policies which is
> probably what you need in the long term.
> Some users have been using:
>      <Location /admin?op=foo>
>      Require user root
>      etc.
>      </Location>
> to override specific admin operations (the same works for printers
> and jobs, BTW) from the web interface.  "foo" for the admin interface
> is one of:
>      start-printer
>      stop-printer
>      accept-jobs
>      reject-jobs
>      purge-jobs
>      add-class
>      add-printer
>      modify-class
>      modify-printer
>      delete-class
>      delete-printer
>      config-printer
> (this originally posted by Michael Sweet).
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