PS/RAW format detection only works with Samba?

Michael Sweet mike at
Wed Sep 28 19:26:35 PDT 2005

Christoph wrote:
> I'm using KDE to print to my PCL printer connected to a remote CUPS
> server. When I set up kprinter to use the generic Postscript driver,
> Postscript is generated on my machine and sent to my CUPS server.
> Sending it over Samba works fine, the CUPS server detects the
> Postscript format, processes it using the PPD file and prints it out
> perfectly. But if I connect to it using Remote LPD or Remote CUPS in
> kprinter, CUPS always detects the incoming PS file to be RAW. On the
> CUPS server itself printing a .ps file using lpr works fine.
> Why is CUPS unable to detect the format of a print job coming in via
> Remote LPD or IPP, but can do it via Samba and Local LPD?

Without knowing how kprinter is sending the job, it is impossible to
say.  We need more information (including the version of CUPS you are
using and how kprinter is submitting the job...)

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